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At Voxy Media House, we understand that the power of storytelling goes beyond just creating stunning quality social and commercial films. We believe that stories have the ability to influence our perception of the world and inspire us to achieve greatness.


As human beings, we are wired to connect with stories on a deep emotional level, and it is through this connection that we can create meaningful change. We believe that every brand has a unique story to tell, and it is our mission to help them tell it in the most authentic, creative and impactful way possible.


We invite companies to embrace their inherent uniqueness and transcend the ordinary through our video production agency that is dedicated to planning, shooting and delivering social and commercial films for Sports and Lifestyle brands. 


We remain committed to the idea that the stories we tell have the power to shape the world around us. 


 Dare To Be Great with Voxy Media House. 

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We identify the final result you want to achieve through a discovery session. Establishing budget whilst identifying the key messages you want to convey and what content is required.



This is where we take the concept and mould it into visual form through story boarding and a treatment. Giving you a visual representation of how the outcome will look and feel. Whilst also getting everything surrounding the shoot organised.


Lets get your project shot! Our team will shoot your project to the highest standard. Cutting no corners. We run to a schedule making sure every frame we capture is perfected with the objective in mind.


This is where the magic happens! Our in house team will piece together the footage and will deliver first cuts. Here you can review and comment before we send over the final revision in high quality for immediate use.

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