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THRUDARK launch video VOXY

The ORYON range of high-performance, high-tech clothing was designed and developed for exclusive use by selected individuals. ThruDark approached VOXY to bring this story to the big screen. To dramatise the unique and exclusive nature of the ThruDark range, we portrayed the clothing as a secret weapon. This was achieved by creating an underground stronghold where the clothing was designed, developed and stored. And on this occasion, the client (explorer and wildlife photographer Liz Dailey) was escorted through the facility to collect her latest prize.

Thrudark launch video VOXY
Thrudark pre-production VOXY


Voxy Media House led the creation of the opening scene for ThruDark's ORYON range launch video in collaboration with the ThruDark creative team.


VOXY orchestrated every aspect of production: from finding the ideal location and crafting the script, to providing artistic direction, shoot management and post-production.

Changing Worlds in Farnborough

CLIENT: Can you make it look like a secret underground bat cave style operation ? 

VOXY: Sure!


We sourced an amazing space in Farnborough (originally used to test jet engines). A brutalist concrete monolith that could represent an underground facility. And deliver 'the bat cave'.

Thrudark Royal Observatory VOXY

Shot for the big screen

The ORYON launch  was to take place in The Peter Harrison Planetarium at The Royal Observatory in London. For that, they needed a quality film that would deliver a  completely unique viewing experience. 

Shot For The Big Screen

As part of the ORYON range launch the video was premiered at the Peter Harrison Planetarium at Royal Observatory in London for a completely unique viewing experience. 

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