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Every day we push boundaries, stretch budgets and go the extra mile – fusing creative thinking with innovative technology to create moments that live long beyond the event itself! From Festivals to Awards Evenings, our talented team of professionals will be sure to guide you in the right direction. 


We are trusted to run events for some of the biggest names in the UK and around the globe! Providing everything from Stage, Set, Lighting,Audio, Video, Room Decor and Probs, we leave no stone unturned!

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Hybrid combines the best of both Live and Virtual Event Production. Think of it like a TV studio set up with live presenters and even an audience. This is then broadcast live to a audience at home. Allowing you to reach every corner of the world and expanding your reach like never before!

Having our own purpose built studio in house, enables use to cut down the set up time, leaving more time for rehearsal and more in the budget!



We have a number of in-house broadcast studios that allow us to take your traditionally live events and take it online. Packed full of video broadcasting equipment, we are able to produce both live and pre-recorded events that are streamed out to audiences around the world!

For events where the presenters are remote, the virtual studios allows us to deliver broadcast quality production. As well as being convenient, virtual events are also great for the environment by reducing delegate carbon footprints.

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