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How much does a video typically cost?

All projects are tailored depending on your needs. But we start our prices from £1500. Drop us a message and we'l be happy to give you a quote.

I need a video creating ASAP. How fast can turn around my project?

This all depends on our availability and the complexity of your project. We promise an efficient service with a speedy turnaround. We will always provide a delivery date before the project


Once I make a purchase on the online shop. How will I receive my order?


You will receive your order via download link immediately.


Do you offer a refund / return policy with the online shop products?


Due to the nature of our products being digital downloads, we DO NOT offer any refunds. All sales are final.


How do I apply LUTS / Presets


Once purchased, you will have access to a downloadable file which includes your product along with a .PDF file which gives step by step instructions on how to install / use.


Still have a question?


Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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