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V1 Studio presents a unique opportunity for anyone to exercise their ideas within a professional and scenic environment.

Housed in an 18th Century estate that is located within beautifully landscaped grounds providing a unique experience to all that visit. Our multi-functional production studio is secured with gated access and 24 hour security.

When expressing yourself, it is most important to have the materials to exercise your craft efficiently, effectively and to a high-quality standard. Here at V1 Studio, you can find all these things and so much more.

Our Studio features a range of different services including a three-metre-high infinity cove that can also be transformed in to a green screen. The studio offers live streaming and digital editing facilities, multi-functional lighting system, as well as so much more upon request.

Here at V1 we also have a highly skilled in-house creative team who can take care of your shoot if needed. Such as: photographers, video creators, lighting, audio and more.

  • Main space dimensions - 56ft (length) x 16ft(width) x 14ft (height)

  • Infinity curve dimensions - H 3.6m x W 4.6m x D 3.0m White or Chroma Green

  • South West facing windows (blackout option available)

  • Private entrance from car park. Main space access on first floor 

  • Japandi style furnishing

  • Window sitting cove / sitting area & dressing table with mirror

  • Textured limewash walls

  • Fully fitted kitchen 

  • Full size fridge/freezer

  • Two private bathrooms (one with shower)

  • Coffee Machine 

  • Free private parking




1 x Aperture LS 120D Daylight - FOC

1 x Aperture LS 300d Daylight - FOC

2 x Aperture bi colour LED panels - FOC

2 x ETC Source 4 Jr 25-50 Degree  - FOC

Accessories – Stands, Grip, SoftBoxes etc - FOC

4 x Nanlite Pavotube 30X II - £50

FOC = Free Of Charge


RED KOMODO 6K - £200.00

Canon C200 Cinema camera - £100.00

Canon EOS R5  - £100.00

Go Pros - £40.00

DJI Mavic 3 Pro - £80.00



Sigma 50mm f/1.4 - £25.00

Sigma 24 - 70mm f/2.8 - £30.00

Sigma 18 - 35mm f/1.8 - £25.00

Canon EF - 24 - 70 f/2.8 - £25.00



Portable Zoom H6 Recorder - £30.00

Sennheiser MKE600 Shotgun Microphone - £10.00

Wireless Sennheiser AVX kit - £30.00

Rod NTG 3 Boom mic

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